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Kampong Speu Province

Kampong Speu covers 7017 square kilometers, It consists of 8 districts, 87 communes and 1308 villages.

  • Borseth District   Total Communes: 15    Totals Villages: 218
  • Thpong District   Total Communes: 7    Totals Villages: 71
  • Kong Pisei District   Total Communes: 13    Totals Villages: 250
  • Oral District   Total Communes: 5    Totals Villages: 51
  • Udong District   Total Communes: 15    Totals Villages: 250
  • Phnom Srouch District   Total Communes: 12    Totals Villages: 126
  • Samrong Tong District   Total Communes: 15    Totals Villages: 286
  • Chbar Morn District   Total Communes: 5    Totals Villages: 56How to get there!
  • Distance from Phnom Penh: 48 Km
  • Using National Road No: 4
  • Favourite Transportation: Car

It was initially established as a holiday resort and tourist city in 1945. The area was named Kirirom” Joyful a Mountain “by the King at the suggestion of the monk from Phnom Penh.

The mountain, which is 700 meters in height, covers an area of 35,000 hectares. It is conveniently located in Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province, and 120 km southwest of Phnom Penh. It can be reached by Nation Road No 4. The natural resort is decorated with a cascade, a hot grotto, a cool breeze, and many categories of pines imported from Japan.

Kirirom National Park

Kirirom is a natural resort located at a height of 700 metres on a mountainside in Phnom Srouch District, Kampong Speu Province, 117km from Phnom Penh. This beautiful resort is set amidst pine trees and orchid flowers with a waterfall nearby. Located at Phnom Sruoch district in the province of Kampong Speu, Kirirom National Park is established on a seven hundred meters hill covering an area of over thirty five thousand hectares in the Elephant Mountains. The name ‘Kirirom’ meaning Mountain of Joy was given to it by the King of Cambodia. Kirirom National Park, a high altitude plateau, is known for its unique high elevation pine forest, which forms the headwaters for numerous streams feeding Kampong Speu Town.